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Fiction Index

Dec. 21st, 2012 | 10:07 pm

Here I'll try to keep an updated index of all my stories and characters, and all the pieces of writing I've posted in various places on Livejournal (currently just my main journal and runaway_tales ). All pieces of writing posted in my journal have the tag "fiction".

The Ohio Crew is a group of characters living in the Columbus, OH area. It's not really a story about anything.

There are two very connected but more or less distinct groups, one centering on Aubrey and one on Zack. Aubrey's group includes Sam, Sarah, Cally, Kit, Rebecca and Jonathan (Mr. and Mrs. Garnier). Zack's group includes Jason, Joseph, Mel, and Jackie.

The tag in my journal for this group is "ohio". I've posted three stories and one drawing related to this group (note that ones in RaTs may be memberlocked):
Manual Fixation

Sublimation is a Real Novel that I'm writing with my friend Voltaire. Don't expect much of it here, but it sets the stage for two of my other stories, Polyethylene and the Heresy, which are also described in that post. These three stories are set in about 2050-2065; Sublimation is very sci-fi, Polyethylene is made of social psychology and twenty-first century breakdown, and the Heresy is kind of Polyethylene plus mysticism and prophecies and deities.

No stories posted here yet for these.

Threefold Revolution is a convoluted story about a group of revolutionaries, three worlds, and above-worldly powers. It's a mix of high and low fantasy, with some political sentiments.

Nothing posted here yet, but expect that to change. The tag for this story in my journal will be "revolutionaries".

Here I have a master list of all prompts and challenges I've completed.

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(no subject)

Nov. 9th, 2011 | 09:34 am

I hate being stuck writing lab reports about backside attack when all I really want to do is write fic about backside attack (the kind that DOESN'T involve nucleophiles).

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playing pretend [ficlet + new prompt list]

Apr. 17th, 2011 | 05:33 pm

Created a writing prompt set for myself. I'm going to write (or maybe draw) something based on the name and/or color of each eyeshadow in this set. I've always found Urban Decay's names to be really awesome and great for inspiration. I'm considering doing all of these as Jason's trips/hallucinations/fantasies/daydreams (mostly to try to get myself to move beyond just "frantic, forlorn, and missing Zack" into more distinct images), but that might change. Anyway, I wrote a little intro piece for the set.

1. eyeshadow

Jason has a vivid imagination. Too vivid, his psychiatrist says. Simple things--a word, a color--set him off with intricate daydreams.
Jason has a box of eyeshadows. When he reads their names and looks into their rich colors, he imagines. And when he puts the pigment on his face, he pretends. It's a disguise, to hide himself away; stage makeup, to become something unreal; war paint, to face his fears; the trappings of a whore, to soften the ice in his eyes.
Jason rather likes to play pretend. After all, he's always preferred fiction to reality.

2. fishnet3. honey4. ransom
5. graffiti6. zero7. peace
8. shag9. scratch10. underground

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Master list: challenges and prompts

Jan. 3rd, 2011 | 05:53 am

30 KissesCollapse )

Runaway TalesCollapse )

Urban DecayCollapse )

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[Fic] This is what happens when I watch too much Doctor Who.

Jan. 3rd, 2011 | 05:17 am

Title: Exterminate!
Pairing: Zack/Jason
Fandom: Original, with references to Doctor Who as a show
Theme: #16, invincible/unrivaled at 30_kisses
Disclaimer: Zack and Jason are mine. Doctor Who, Daleks, Torchwood, etc. are not mine (property of BBC, I believe).

Some kids played doctor; Jason played Dalek.Collapse )

(crossposted to 30_kisses )

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Intro: Threefold Revolution and the Overworld

Jan. 3rd, 2011 | 04:27 am

Threefold Revolution is not the most logical of stories. That's what happens when you're born out of a NaNo written on the fly with literally no planning, swallowing up all different ideas that were just floating free in brainspace. What I don't know outnumbers what I do know, but let's start with what I do know.

There are three mortal worlds, plus the overworld, realm of deities. There is a group of revolutionaries trying to overthrow the king in one world. For each member of this group there's a parallel in another world. The revolutionaries cannot act until their parallels die.

The world is like a triskele...Collapse )

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Intro: Sublimation, Polyethylene, and the Heresy

Jan. 2nd, 2011 | 06:08 am

In November 2009, there began for NaNoWriMo's sake a story about a broken America, jaded youth, and a sub-society founded on chaos, which was eventually named Polyethylene. At the same time, my friend Voltaire happened to come up with a group of characters who only half fit in with the story she was working on. Adding bits of Polyethylene to the ideas she was forming about these new characters, we created Sublimation, a real book(!) that we're writing together. We've been working on it for about a year, and we're making good progress. This year, then, when NaNo came around, I pulled together some different thoughts floating around in my head to create the Heresy, a canon-defying story about things that could or could not happen after the end of Sublimation.

Since Sublimation is the Real Novel, we'll start there and say that Polyethylene is a loose prequel, and the Heresy is a loose sequel. And then there's the Unreal City, which is Voltaire's, not mine, but it's kind of an official sequel to Sublimation so I'll briefly mention it.

SublimationCollapse )

PolyethyleneCollapse )

the HeresyCollapse )

The Unreal CityCollapse )

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Writer's Block: Cold turkey

Nov. 25th, 2010 | 01:50 pm

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? If so, how does your celebration vary from traditional holiday rituals?

I never really liked turkey. My family usually addressed this by making a chicken along with a small turkey, perhaps a little uncommon but not that weird. But the half of my family that does the cooking is Italian, and this year, we're not bothering to try being logical. Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, green bean casserole, mashed sweet potatoes... and lasagna. Oh hell yes.

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there's someone in my head but it's not me

Mar. 16th, 2010 | 05:35 am

WMMR had a 'MMaRch Madness' thing where they set up this nice little bracket system of 64 bands and have people call in votes for which band they prefer in each one-on-one matchup. The final round was Pink Floyd against Tool. Pink Floyd is currently my favorite band. Kura was pleased. Kura recruited a bunch of friends and anyone reading her Twitter to text in a vote for Pink Floyd. Tool won. D: Wat. By the by MMR plays a pretty good average of at least one Pink Floyd song a day, whereas I hear Tool maybe once a week (going by when I'm in Philly and actually listening for MMR for more than an hour). Seriously, who sent in all those votes? Red Hot Chili Peppers should have squished them in round one.

To make matters worse, I just lost my headphones and my roommate is asleep so I can't even sit here and listen to them (or anything) now.

Three lines of ficton, character rambles, and linguisticsCollapse )

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Some people are just so damn picky.

Mar. 5th, 2010 | 03:27 am
music: Red Hot Chili Peppers

I started with pondering how to plausibly incorporate cowboy hats, gunplay, a table, and a beat-up old jeep into one instance of gay mercenary future sex. I ended on the specific circumstances in which Zack is cool with knifeplay that draws blood.

His nitpicky conditions: It can only be a scalpel, or something similar, with a small, smooth, precise cutting edge. He must be completely certain that the blade is clean. It can only be done in an extremely slow, meticulous, precise manner. Said knifeplay may never be done as part of any intimidation, mindfuck, or any other psychological purposes, and can absolutely never ever EVER be a surprise. Now surprise knives are cool so long as they're clearly just meant to be pretty and scary to look at and stay far away from the surface of Zack's body, but he so much as sees Jason bring a blade within three inches of his skin and Niobe will be the first word out of his mouth. Because it does seriously scare the hell out of him in a way that's not fun to play with. He trusts Jason enough to find scary things enjoyable when he knows Jason's completely composed and serious and actively mitigating all risks, but he does not trust wicked-mode Jason to play with big pointy knives. Oh, and he must also be totally sure that Jason is not drunk or high. That would just be really, really ugly.

Obviously it's not even an issue with Jackie, seeing as the thought of knifeplay kind of makes Jackie want to vomit or call the cops or vomit on the cops.

Arkady, though, now that might be another story... then again Zack never got to make the rules with Arkady anyway.

Largely unrelated updates; I'm now working on a hopefully REALLL NOVELLL with a certain Voltaire Marlowe (a friend a real live one not the two dead dudes I swear). Sublimation it be called (chemistry FTW!) and it contains mercenaries and scientists and adorable man-eating greyhound/fox/killer-rabbits and hermaphroditic parahumans and a robot girlfriend.

Hypothetical Sublimation taglines:
"Chemists do it on a table periodically. Most of the time it's the mercenaries."
"Please don't feed the genetically modified housepets."
"It's not discrimination if you offend everybody."
"When climate change drowns the coasts and the pharmaceutical industry perpetually has everyone comfortably numb, take consolation at least in the anarchic hermaphroditic parahumans."
"Don't. Trust. Redheads. Just don't."
"Daddy didn't hug ME either!"
"Zak doesn't die this time! Zack, on the other hand..."

I'm seriously consider getting back into Runaway Tales. Partially a matter of whether my co-author will allow me to post stuff from the novel, hrmmmm.

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